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Security Surveillance System Frequently Asked Questions

1- Why choose Security Surveillance System?

Security Surveillance System™ is one of Colorado's leading security and surveillance companies. During the past 8 years, we have designed some of the most sophisticated security systems. We have been committed to providing progressive companies, businesses, industries and residences with some of the advanced, highest quality security products and services available anywhere.
Our experienced staff of trained professionals is dedicated to making every security, surveillance or access control system we install an informative and positive buying experience. We understand the importance of being comfortable with your security system and confident in your decision. Therefore, we work with you to custom design the right system for your specific needs.

2-How does it bring profit to my business?

It may reduce employee and customer theft. It is impossible for you to monitor all employees at all times. Security cameras can be reviewed quickly and at any point in time. It may also reduce your business insurance premium.

3- How do I choose the right security kit?

Simply contact us and request your FREE on-site security review. You can meet one of our highly trained security consultants at your business or residence to review your current and future security needs.
Your security consultant can discuss the background of Security Surveillance System and of the system manufacturers that we have chosen to utilize.
Next, you will discuss your current security systems and procedures, your future security needs and interests. We will conduct a security survey of your building(s) to identify your most vulnerable areas and the detection equipment available to give you the alarms you need.
Additionally, we can give you demonstrations of the systems we recommend and can explain how easy it is to use and how it will protect you.
Lastly, we can make recommendations about future security additions and upgrades as your business or family grows.

4- How long it takes for you to install it?

It usually takes anywhere between 4-6 hours to have the system professionally installed. This can vary if additional equipment is added to the system. The installation of your new security system can take anywhere from a couple of hours to several days depending upon the size of your facility, the type of systems we are installing, and the number of components that are included

5- Does it require a special knowledge to maintain?

Our digital DVR are maintenance free. You do not need any special knowledge to maintain and operate our security system. If you know how to use a remote control for a DVD player or a TV than it should be very easy for you. We will also provide a complete training after we install our system

6- Can I install it myself?

Yes, you can but we will recommend you to have it installed by SSS professional security installers to ensure professional and highest quality installation as well as proper use of the system.

7- Do you provide warranty for your system?

Yes, we will provide one-year part and labor warranty. For your convenience we will replace the part at your home and business.

8- Can I use the security system offsite?

Yes, our system is very easy to use and with our system you will be log on and monitor multiple locations at the same time.

9-Can I play back and back up remotely?

Yes you can play back and back up through your local computer remotely.

10- Do you provide Customer service?

Yes we provide the best customer service. Our customer service professionals are available to assist you 24/7.

11- Do you provide financing program?

Yes, we have multiple financing programs. Please give us a call at 1-877-711-2288.

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